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We’ve had a number of readings with Natalya over the last few years, each one was delivered with such warmth and positivity. That’s not to say our readings didn’t reveal areas of concern, it’s to say who Natalya is, is pure love. She exudes love. Natalya’s readings have been full of insights and have been extremely accurate. She’s exceptionally intuitive and clearly has a gift. We’ve been so grateful to benefit from who she is in the world and the gift she offers. As a result of our readings, we feel some sort of healing has taken place in various areas of our lives. We’ve also felt deeply seen, heard and connected to the 95% of life that takes place autonomously outside the limitations of the mind. We’ve referred several friends, family members and have purchased readings with Natalya as gifts, all of whom have also had similar results. Thank you so very much Natalya for being someone we feel honored and privileged to know. 

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 "I have had the privilege to receive Tarot readings from Natalia both in person and over the phone. Though each method was different, both were equally incredible. As it was my first true experience with the cards, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Natalia made it feel easy and comfortable, and our conversation felt both natural and otherworldly. She invited me to phrase my own questions for the cards, which helped give the reading a personal quality and gave me more of an active role, rather than feeling like someone was telling me what was what. 

Having the skills to create a safe and comfortable space for people to receive the message is only a fraction of her work. Natalia has a beautiful gift for tuning in to a person's energy, and for hearing what most of us don't know to listen for. Her intimate understanding of the cards was obvious in the way she offered interpretations with ease, care, and joy. Even when the reading brought up normally unpleasant topics like self-deception, Natalia's delivery helped me to delight in the truth. I walked away from both readings feeling clear, revitalized, and most of all- empowered. I highly recommend her as an expert practitioner. " 
-Emily A. in Arizona

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Natalia hmmmm.....
I have been working with her for about 8 months now. Started very casual, at first I didn't really like the readings because I wasn't getting the answers I was hoping for. But I kept coming back, did it because all that was happening  in my life showed exactly in the reading, and more than that she was able to really look in to what is happening and always told me what I should do. I was stubborn so many times, but I did felt that she is right and I should trust it and trust her advice in direction I should take. And tried to do my best to follow her advice. Working with her became more than a reading, became a therapy with someone who cares and gives much deeper insight that the cards themselves can offer. Lol sometime I feel like I am driving her so crazy with my stuff and my impatience with all, and that she should just strangle me. But nope she shows me her amazing heart, and she has that amazing ability to see through and know how to give me strength and encouragement to keep going. There where times I would have gave up on my quest if wasn't for her . Her attitude and understanding and that will to help, and accuracy with the steps I should take, made me keep going. So I am here still fighting for my desires. Witnessing all happening just like readings and her interpretation said it would. And taking the steps as your brilliant insight suggested I should. 
Thank you Natalia. 
May God bless your beautiful soul as you are always blessing mine. 
Love L.P.

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Natalia is the real deal. I have had many readings in my life, met world renowned at psychics, Natalia is right up there with her a authenticity, intuition and approach. She is so warm and inviting – I really felt comfortable. I walked out after our session with clarity and encouraged empowerment. I cannot wait to revisit in six months!


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I have had many phone sessions and one in person session with Natalya.

She is very talented and has always 
been right on target with my readings!
She has helped me through many tuff decisions. I trust and adore her!!
Bonita Saunders 


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Hi Natalia,

Thanks again for the amazing reading- look forward to reconnecting again soon!

"My session with Natalia was truly transformative, and helped provide the guidance I was seeking. Immediately, Natalia intuitively tapped into the areas in my life that were causing discomfort and friction, helping clear blockages while making practical suggestions on ways in which I can help better my destiny. I look forward to remaining in touch with Natalia, and have a feeling our paths will cross again in the near future!" 


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Natalia has given me about 3 readings so far - very spot on and helpful. In addition, we hired her to do readings for a bachelorette party. It was a light-hearted and fun event so we asked her to create a fun costume --and she did! It was a highlight of the party and she kept things light and fun. I will hire her again at the very next opportunity.

Kerri Sengstaken