Some 30 years ago, I received a deck of the Mythic Tarot; they sang to me as I learned to read them.

   Some years later I gave them to a dear friend who was very natural and talented in divination, and bought another of the same deck for myself.

   More years went by, and that old deck came back to me, in the mail, with a note from my old friend: he had a dream in which the cards expressed their wish to return home. And upon their return, the deck that I had bought as their replacement disappeared (mind you, I searched high and low for them, and for the life of me I could not find them).

   This past year, again after so many having passed, I had the opportunity to visit my talented friend and asked him if he remembered that dream, and his response was that he will NEVER forget it: in the dream he walked into a room and my deck was sprawled upon a table, and up from the deck rose an energy in the shape of an Egyptian Ankh, through which he saw into another world; the Ankh simply spoke “HOME”. He understood immediately that he needed to send the deck back to me.

   In all these years I have bought many different tarot decks, but the one which still sings for me is that Mythic Tarot!