natalia alexi from Cossack-scorcerer lineage ojai california

The Cossack-Sorcerer’s Secret Warrior Society in Ukraine

 I came from a line of warriors dating back to the Amazon warrior women of the area north of the Black Sea that is now Ukraine.

The Amazons married Scythian warriors and became a new force to be reckoned with. In 988CE the King of Kiev Rus (now called Ukraine) forced the whole empire to convert to Christianity. The Slavic pagan priests, believed to originate from the Yazykh Priests of the Magi, fled to the territories of the northern Black Sea and taught the Scythian warrior families their secrets. From these teachings the special Cossack-Sorcerers were created.

 I am a direct descendent of these Cossack-sorcerers. Many nights  we sat near my mother and listened to fantastic legends of the bravery and sorcery of our ancestors. One of my forefathers was the very famous Cossack-sorcerer leader Ivan Sirko: legend has it that he was born with teeth and killed the devil, and fought the Turks and Tatars 55 times and never lost a battle.

My mother was trained in the Cossack-sorcerer arts; in raising us she had us play specific games which helped in the development of our intuitive, empathic side, and also in gathering energy for innate strength and healing.